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Your On-Line Learning Starts Now

Spilling The Tea 

Webinar Series

CornerStone Enterprise, Ltd presents Spilling The Tea a 4-Part Webinar Series that will provide the secrets to growing during the global pandemic. Our goal is to help you grow financially, emotionally, and professionally regardless of current circumstances.

Part 2: Crush Fear with Action

It's time to confront what has been holding you back!

You want to land that NEW JOB, make the BIG MOVE, go back to SCHOOL, get that DEGREE, change CAREER FIELDS, well this is the perfect time to CRUSH YOUR FEARS and take ACTION!

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Part 3: Make the Vision Visible

Do you want to know how to achieve your goals? And are you tired of starting but never finishing? 

Then this webinar is for you!

Topics Covered Include: 

Casting Your Vision, Setting Goals That Bring Success, Tools To Follow-Through

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