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June 27, 2020

This program is developed for traditional and non-traditional students. It provides the essential tool-kit needed to navigate life after high school and into college. It addresses the obstacles that impact personal development and identifies the common pitfalls that can negatively affect the financial future of young adults.


A unique array of seminars, workshops, and services developed for emerging adults as they leave school and enter the workforce. Participants will gain the practical knowledge and tools to make wise decisions in order to gain financial stability, and grow personally and professionally.


Adulting: Parent Edition

July 25, 2020

This unique workshop will provide essential information about emerging adulthood. Parents will be given real-world examples of what to expect during the post school years, learn about the common pitfalls that hinder personal development, and gain the practical tools for how to facilitate the transfer of ownership of their life to them more effectively. 

Adulting: Career Edition

September 19, 2020

This professional development workshop will provide the practical tools to discover your purpose and gain an awareness of the impact this has on personal development and advancement as a professional. Participants will gain an awareness of the core skills and competencies sought after by employers, demonstrated using real-world examples by industry leaders.

Topics Covered Included: Self Awareness/Reflection, Personal Brand, Effective Communication, Career Planning, and much more!

Adulting: Renting vs. Buying Edition - NEW Coming Fall 2020!

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This class is free to public and targeted to students and young adults 18 to 29.  However, all ages are welcome and we accept donations of any value.

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